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Our Policy

Please read through our policy before booking your appointment. 


  • Drop off should be on time for appointment.

  • Being late by 15 minutes or less we can accept your pet, but no later then that.

  • Pick up on time; If you are late after 15 minutes, there will be a charge of $5 every half hour you are late, otherwise you can arrange day care if you are planning to leave your pet for couple hours after grooming session.

  • For matted coats, there is an extra charge estimating around $10.00 to $30.00 depending of time and condition of your pet.  Extra time will be necessary to be able to treat the matted coat.

  • Duration time of the service (whether Bath/Dry or Full) are estimates. They could be longer depending on the size, behavior/medical conditions, or the amount of dogs you bring to the appointment.

  • Magnolia Grooming is ONLY responsible for grooming related injuries when it comes to medical bills. You have to prove with original veterinarian records saying the issue was caused by the grooming. Prove with original receipts, no exceptions. 

  • Magnolia Grooming DOES NOT refund for reasons such as dissatisfaction of your pet's haircut, our services, or our prices. If you are not happy with the pet's haircut, you can bring your pet within two days of the original appointment to be fixed; however no refund will be issued.

For first timers

Senior Dogs

When taking in senior dogs, safety and health is our first priority. Any medical or behavior condition must be specified before appointment. There is a form to sign in case of an emergency. We take extra time since they are more fragile, so be ready to pick them up on time. For senior dogs, it is about making them feel comfortable and clean.


If it is a puppy's first time, they only get introduced to grooming with a bath, nails trim, light trim on the face, light trim on private areas. They are also introduced to sounds of the hair dryer, scissors, and clippers. This way, they will be familiar with grooming and know what to expect for the next session. Haircuts are not a main focus on the first visit.

Behavior/Medical Conditions

Any behavior and/or medical conditions must be addressed when booking your appointment. However, if you know if your dog is known to be aggressive with people, please refrain from bringing in your dog.


Proof of vaccines must be shown on arrival or submitted during booking for the first time. Those vaccines that your pet must have must include: 

  • Rabies

  • Bordetella

  • Dazpp


When coming in for the first time, you will have two forms to sign before your dog's appointment. These forms allow us to give your dog emergency veterinary treatment at your expense in case of an emergency. These forms can be signed at arrival of your appointment or be printed and handed then.

By continuing with booking your appointment, you agree that you read our policy, you agree with our policy's terms, consent to follow them and be held accountable to them.

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